25 Easy Ways to Save Money Fast!

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Want to save money for an extra special getaway? Maybe you want a new car, or to pay off those pesky debts? Get stuck into these 25 ways to ways to save money, ways to make money and things that really don’t need too much attention, depending on what you want to earn / save. Life is good but let’s make it great! 25 ways to save money fast

How to Save Money

  1. Start blogging! Yes, you can really earn money from writing blogs! Building a profitable blog isn’t easy – you need hard work and determination, but with the right mindset you can start earning money! You can make money from affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsored posts and more. Check out my post on how to make money blogging. If you haven’t started a blog yet, what are you waiting for? Check out my WordPress tutorial here.


  1. Wait! Before you make your next online purchase, did you know that using cashback sites like TopCashBack you can get money back on your spends. I’ve saved hundreds of pounds by using TopCashBack. Whether you fancy a new handbag, need car insurance, or are buying your regular groceries, you can get money back!


  1. Eat out for less! If you enjoy eating out, you could save money on your favourite meals. There are loads of half price meals and discounts on restaurants and takeaways, allowing you to eat for less. Groupon and Taste Card are both excellent for finding discounted meals. If you’re a student, check out NUS discounts and MyUniDays – I personally use MyUniDays as there’s no upfront cost and you can get a wide variety of discounts on food, clothes, beauty, electronics etc.


  1. This leads me nicely onto my next trick! Even students on short distance courses can apply for a student discount card, enabling you to potentially save hundreds on your online and instore purchases. You can also get cheaper cinema tickets and get into nightclubs for less. This is a great way to save money for a minimal upfront cost.


  1. Switch your mobile! If you’re within the scheduled time frame to upgrade your contract you should consider getting a lower deal per month. I used to pay £67 per month and I’ve now managed to get it down to just £11. You could also get a deal with lower data and use your broadband at home, or use the broadband in restaurants, coffee shops, metro links and buses as this helps prolong your data allowance, saving you money on your mobile internet costs.


  1. Switch banks and get paid to do so! Many banks offer you money to make the switch, with up to £200 being offered. HSBC are currently offering £200 when you switch and stay with their Advance account, while Halifax are offering £135.


  1. This one is tough! So, I’m just going to say it! Quit smoking! It’s tough, challenging and maybe you’ll fail a few times but this one prolongs your life, and you can save the money you ‘used’ to spend on cigarettes. Why not spend your saved cash on a holiday or a spar day every month! You could save around £40 -£60 or more depending on if you’re a heavy smoker or not!


  1. Take your lunch to work!! Buying your lunch can cost you an extra £100 each month – that’s over £1000 per year! Buying your food from the supermarket and preparing sandwiches, soups, salads, or whatever you fancy will save you so much cash! If you don’t fancy waking up earlier to make your lunch, make it the night before and store it in the fridge instead!


  1. Take down that dish and watch your favourite shows online. Both Netflix and Amazon are much cheaper than Sky or Virgin. You also don’t need a TV license if you only watch shows on these platforms as they’re pre-recorded. There’s hundreds of shows/films available and something for all tastes!


  1. Not a fan of binge TV? Do you prefer to spend time away from the comfort of your own home and create experiences? You could save money by going on days out for free!! Most cities have museums and other free entry spectacles that will keep you occupied for the day, especially if you have kids! It’s a great way to educate your family whilst having fun!
  1. If you’re serious about saving every penny, you could always switch your motor and home insurance. Websites such as Compare the Market and Go Compare can help you to find the best deals!


  1. Thirsty? Quenching your thirst when you need it most comes in many options. Most people think that buying bottled water is a good move – It’s healthy and a great source of hydration! However, you pay your water bills every week or month and I bet you spend 3 times that amount on bottled water. Why not invest in a good quality kinetic water filtration system and save money on your drinking costs. A kinetic water filtration system simply turns your tap water into healthy drinkable water with a higher alkaline rate, which is what the body needs most!


  1. When you go shopping, do you get hungry and end up buying snacks you don’t really need? Food can be expensive! Being organised in the kitchen and making an exact list of the things you need will help ensure you only buy the essentials.


  1. Fed up of paying crazy prices for black cabs and local taxi firms? I was too, but I’m sure you’ve heard about Uber? It’s much cheaper than hiring a local taxi and much more convenient too!


  1. It always feels like it’s that time of year where you need to get back to the gym and get into shape. If you’re like me, having a gym membership doesn’t mean you’re going to go and get fit! As I work from home, I realised I could get into shape for free! I use YouTube fitness videos – Blogilates, Yoga with Adrienne and Whitney Simmons are my favourite channels for free workouts.


  1. Have a garden? You should consider growing your own fruit and veg!! You can do this throughout multiple times of the year and yield a great deal of potatoes, carrots, strawberries, raspberries and much more, and all for next to no cost. Its organic, healthy and tastes amazing! Plus, its fun and gives a sense of achievement!


  1. Sell your unwanted stuff on EBay! There is a market for anything – people are even paying £20 – £30 for a pair of well-worn trainers. Sell your old phones, clothes, homewares! It’s a no brainer if you have items like these lying around!


  1. Get on your bike! Riding to work instead of using public transport keeps you fit and saves you a lot of cash. You can get a bike for cheap from most employers using the Ride to Work Scheme.


  1. Store all your loose change. Putting your pennies in a jar could save you a little extra each year. You’ll be surprised by how much you have saved!! Maybe even enough for Christmas!


  1. Become a mystery shopper. Mystery shopping is a great way to make some extra money which you can save each week. Mystery shopping involve visiting a store, making a purchase and recording your visit. You’ll usually make a fee of up to £15 depending on the mystery shopping company you work for. You also get reimbursed for your purchase which is an extra freebie!
  1. Try couponing! Be warned though, it can be addictive!! You could get free food, washing powder, cleaning products etc. You can find tonnes of freebies here, while Super Savvy Me have coupons for products by P&G. I also love Shopmium for supermarket discounts.


  1. Swagbucks and survey sites! There are many ways to make cash, either from your phone or laptop, by doing simple surveys! You’re not going to get rich but it’s an excellent way to make some extra cash with little input. The money you make can go straight into your PayPal account, making it super easy to withdraw your earnings if you don’t wish to input your bank details. You can also be paid in vouchers, which makes Christmas and birthdays a little easier to save for!


  1. Become a tester! Sites like Tasting Food and the Savvy Circle allow you to test products for free, helping you to save money on certain items. Try food, beauty items and more. Most sites don’t pay you to be a tester, but you usually get to keep your tried products for free.



  1. This one might sound boring but it’s a saver for sure – plan your meals! You’ll could save at least 30% on your weekly shop alone! Buying ingredients and making bulk meals to freeze is a great way to save hundreds per year. Your meals don’t need to be boring either – I love using Pinterest or YouTube for meal ideas – most of them are super quick and easy to make!


  1. Another way to enhance your savings would be to change your supermarket! Asda, Tesco and Sainbury’s are not always the cheapest places to buy your groceries. I love shopping at Aldi and Lidl – you can pick up some great deals and save money on your shopping bill every week. Not all their own brands are tasty, so some trial and error might be required but for things like vegetables, sweet treats, bread and toiletries, I only stick to Aldi or Lidl brands. Give it a try as you never know what you’ll like!


I hope you can make the most out of these simple tweaks to your weekly routine and enjoy the savings you make!

Now you can book that holiday you really wanted or treat the kids to a day out every month! It’s entirely up to you!


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